You've dated. You've lived together. You've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

And now you're getting married!

It's a super exciting (and stressful) time filled with friends and family. As things move forward, you may find yourselves arguing more than usual. (Stress brings out the worst in us).

This may be your most significant life event so far - and it's normal to be overwhelmed, anxious, and edgy as it approaches. It's even normal to fight with your partner!

I encourage all couples to have at least one preventive session to put their best foot forward as they start their marriage. We work together to identify your strengths, areas that may cause conflict, and discuss easy tips and strategies for handling arguments in a healthy, effective way.

Couples who are engaged have the unique opportunity to prevent things from going off track. You don't have the challenge of breaking years (or decades) of bad habits or recovering from hurtful fights. You have the ability to form a strong, solid foundation for your marriage and your life from Day 1. 

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