We are all looking to feel secure, satisfied, and loved in our marriage. We want to look forward to coming home at the end of the day and sharing the evening with our partner. We want to have fun, relax, and recharge when we spend time together.

As life brings us challenges, the feel of our relationship can start to shift.

We have our first child and life becomes (wonderfully) stressful. Suddenly, we have no time for ourselves or our partner.

We are stuck in opposite work schedules and have limited time with one another. It starts to feel like we are not a priority in our partner's life. 

I work with couples to regain those lost feelings. We find ways for you to cope with life's stressors together, eliminate those fights that leave you furious and contemplating divorce, and strengthen your emotional and intimate connection.

If you're considering couples therapy, I'd encourage you to call or email me to talk about what you're missing your marriage and how I can help. 

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